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Thread: Appointments in 6.0.2

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    Default Appointments in 6.0.2

    Hi all,

    I have one user who is allowed to use different identities, so he can manipulate the From: and Reply-To: lines for outgoing mails.
    He used this option in a (for me) somewhat unpredictable way: he changed the From: line of his "Primay Account" (default identity). So by default all his mails are sent with an email address that does not meet his Accountname - not even one of his aliases (the email address he uses as from: line is external to the zimbra system).

    This caused no problem until we updated our Zimbra server to 6.0.2. From now on, for all new appointments he is setting up, he is no longer treated the organizer of the appointment (the organizer is set to the address in his default identity). Once the appointment is created he can not change this appointment...

    My question is: is this a bug or a feature?
    The more I think about the problem, the more I believe, it could be a good idea to give users with multiple identities the option to select the "organizer" of an appointment (comparable to the option to select the identity upon sending out mails)


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    Hello, i have the same problem...any ideas?

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