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Thread: Searches In GAL Network 6.0.2

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    Default Searches In GAL Network 6.0.2

    We are currently using zcs-NETWORK-6.0.2_GA_1912.RHEL5_64.20091020145322.
    I am mis-understanding why we are unable to get hits on searches in the GAL. Our goal is to be able to search the GAL by Department Name: Fox example:


    We have entered the department name into the Company Field: For Example:

    City of Kenosha, Finance Department

    We also have entered this as the First Line in the Address Field, with still no luck in getting a hit when searching for Finance.

    The only place that I am able to get a hit is if I add it in the Display name, example:

    Jane Doe, Finance Department.

    Can someone shed some light on which field we should be entering the department information into so our end users can search by Department in the GAL.

    Thank You.

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    Information from Zimbra Server - Zimbra :: Wiki :

    GAL Searches in Zimbra Client

    The Zimbra client can search the GAL. The GAL search returns a list of directory entries that match the user’s search.

    When the user supplies a name to search for, that name is turned into an LDAP search filter similar to the following example:

    (|(cn = %s*)(sn=%s*)(gn=%s*)(mail=%s*))
    (zimbraMailDeliveryAddress = %s*)
    (zimbraMailAddress = %s*)

    The string “%s” is replaced with the name the user is searching for.

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    If you want it to search by department as well you could try setting the GAL configuration for the domain to "Both" mode (Internal and External), and setting up the "External" server as the Zimbra server itself with a filter of the domain attribute. This should cause it to use the internal GAL search for the attributes mentioned by ChaSer, and then use the "external" search for the department.

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    Smile Searching in the External GAL


    I had a devil of a time trying to search my external openldap server with the zimbra web client. I tried putting the data I wanted to search in several web client "aware" fields. Even though my domain GAL setup is set to use "both" internal and external gal.
    I just could not see the data.

    After reading ArcaneMagus comments I thought hmmmmm....?.

    My Solution:

    1. I added the "description" attribute to each ldif record on my external openldap server. Which is supported by openldap [core.schema].

    2. I copied the contents of my custom fields into the description attribute.
    However, I could not see it yet in external gal searches using my zimbra account.

    3. So, I thought to index the attribute by adding a index for that attribute in the openldap slapd.conf. Still could not see it yet in external gal searches using my zimbra account.

    4. So, lets try ArcaneMagus's idea.

    5. Next I logged into the galsync account as admin and shared the it's external gal contacts with > MY account.

    5. I logged in to My account and accepted the shared galsync contact address list.

    6. I then searched for a key word I knew was in several the ldap attributes "description" attribute field. ...and holycow! .. a list of contacts with that value in each web client "notes" field of the contact was listed on the left hand browse list.

    6. I verified this worked by viewing each contact.

    This is not a ideal solution - I really wanted to be able to search my external ldap directly from MY account using the standard search bar and selecting GAL.
    I do not understand why galsync data is not searchable when you search the GAL directly.



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    Thanks for you input. During our migration we used the search of an external LDAP server, Our old City Directory (OpenLDAP), and had no problems with the searchs. My concern is that we have recently dropped the external search as we do not want to maintain (2) LDAP servers for contact information, since the information is entered into Zimbra's GAL already. So far it looks like my only choice is to enter the Department Information into the Display Name field so that it can be search from the GAL. But I am still looking for a solution when I have time.

    Any other ideas would greatly be appreciated.

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