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Thread: 6.0.2 Notebook Links do not work

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    Default 6.0.2 Notebook Links do not work

    I think my issue might be related to this post. I am using Community Edition, version 6.0.2.
    I have shared the Wiki@<domain> notebook with my other users. The user has their own Notebook as well.
    I create a Notebook page (eg: Page 1), then I create another notebook page (eg: Page 2). Using the UI I create a link from page 2 to page 1. The URL that these pages are using is
    The link that is created in Page 2 is [[/wiki@<domain>'s Notebook/Link to Page1]]
    This link resolves to URL https://<domain>/home/wiki@<domain>/wiki@<domain>%27s%20Notebook/Link%20to%20Page1 which does not work.
    If I manually edit the link in the document to the actual URL then the link works. If I remove the part that reads /wiki@<domain>'s Notebook and replace that with Notebook then it does not work unless the user is in the Wiki Notebook, ie: if they are in their own Notebook page then the link takes them to the actual Page 1 in their Notebook, which may not exist.
    This is a clean install. Both internal and external DNS resolve <domain> to the correct server. It is interesting that this basic functionality does not work for me and I am hoping someone has some positive fix for me.
    Users cannot use this system the way it is at the moment unless they have a good understanding and can create the correct link manually themself, not realistic if we go to production environment.

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    Default 6.0.2 Document Links do not work

    Well, without any response to this post, I have been updating as new revisions become available and this problem appears to have gone away with GA6.0.4
    There is still a problem with linking documents, though. If I create a document in the Wiki Notebook and create a link to a document in Notebook Y, then the link refers to the document as if it is in the Wiki Notebook. This indicates that only the document name is being stored in the link and it is relative to where the link is used, ie: if the link was fully qualified then it would take you to the right document, not to the non-existant document in the current Notebook.
    This seems like strange behaviour given the linking process presents a list of all Notebooks that user has access to, and also lists all the documents available in all those Notebooks.
    In fact the process of linking documents seems to be a bit fawed and sometimes give the results I think should happen and sometimes gives different, non-functional results. It is a good idea and easy to use, but if it does not work, then it is a bit useless.

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