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Thread: How to restore only one mailbox from backup

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    Default How to restore only one mailbox from backup

    I am running Network Edition 6.0.1 and have automatic regular backups that happen. Full once a week and the rest are incremental. I have never had to recover anything from zimbra but I guess the time has come. One of my users has messed up his inbox and I need to try to restore it from one of my backups. I believe this is possible in NE but I am not sure.
    I see there is a nice GUI on the Administration Console but I do not know if this will restore the entire system or all accounts or if there is an option for selecting just one account so I have not tried it yet.
    Does anyone have a step-by-step or howto restore individual accounts or individual mailboxes? Or has experience with restoring just one users inbox?


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    Just follow the restore Wizard via the "Select accounts to restore", then restore it to with "Add a prefix to each account name" so you don't overwrite the current mailbox and the get the mail you need from that restored account.


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