I try to browse ZIMBRA LDAP tree using LUMA, but no tree showed.
My LUMA setting is :
Hostname :mx02.swhara.co.id ( I use this full hostname, because when I try to use "localhost" or "" LUMA show "Can't contact LDAP server" error)
Encryp: No Encryp
Auth : Anonymous Bind
LDAP Option: Use BaseDNs provided by server

And the result is below.

I also try to use baseDN "uid=aldhy,ou=people,dc=910investment,dc=com" but the result is same like below.

FYI, this zimbra 6.02 installed on Ubuntu 8.04 running on VMWare 2.0 on Ubuntu 9.04.

I created aldhy@910investment.com on Zimbra and have no problem with mailing. I'm able to receive and send mail smoothly.

Actually, I'm new on LDAP, and I just try to learn more about LDAP structure.

Am I doing wrong with LUMA setting?

Any help wil be appreciated. And sorry for my bad english. English is notmy nativelanguage

BTW, this server is a UAT server, so it is ok for me reveal the details here. just ask me if anyone need more details.

Thank you