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Thread: Upgrading current version of Zimbra

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    Question Upgrading current version of Zimbra

    Hey Guys,

    My internal mail server is installed on a Dell box with centOS 5.
    i have the following version of Zimbra installed:

    Release 5.0.9_GA_2533.RHEL5_64_20080815094512 CentOS5_64 FOSS edition


    i'd like to get my current version uptodate and or upgrade to version 6.
    May i ask for someone to point me in the right direction as im not quite sure if we have the open source or network edition installed and also moving forward the best way to update/upgrade...

    any help/guidance would be uber appreciated


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    The version you have is the Open Source version (FOSS). Download the lates release of Zimba and stop Zimbra, take a backup of the /opt/zimbra directory and while that's running read the Release Notes carefully. After the backup has finished and if there's nothing in the Release Notes that you need to do then just unpack the downloaded file run the ./ script. I'd also suggest you search the forums for any other problems that may have cropped up for other users.


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