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    Default grep folder contents

    I need to search through all the emails in a certain folder for a text string and print the results to a file. On a standard Postfix setup each user would have a /var/spool/mail/username file which I could grep through to accomplish this. How might I do this with Zimbra?



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    The mail store folder for Postfix in Zimbra is /opt/zimbra/store

    An accounts mailbox ID can be found using the following command:
    zmprov gmi

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    Also try zmmailbox -z -m USER "search -t message 'in:inbox secretword'"

    For multiple mailboxes, you can save java startup overhead by piping multiple commands to zmmailbox -z. "sm USER" to set context.

    zmmailbox advantages: uses zimbra indices, so may be faster. Aware of folder structure (there is no way to grep just a certain folder, since folder assignment lives in mysql). Less hacking needed. Finds text that might be obscured by html, quoted-printable, or base64 encoding.

    grep advantages: It's what you know now, and can be used in more creative pipelines. grep supports regular expressions. Due to a design limitation, zmmailbox can't even handle "multiword phrases".

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