Today a couple of my users noticed that when they go to schedule appointments, when they start typing in a location name, they get the "Autocomplete Failed" popup message almost immediately and no locations are returned in the list. This happens from both the QuickAdd dialog and the full appointment wizard in the Location field on the Appointment Details tab. If I go to the Find Locations tab, and then search for locations and add them that way, it works fine.

Autocomplete is working fine for email addresses when composing emails and for attendee email addresses when scheduling appointments. It's only failing for Location autocompletes.

I verified this behavior on Firefox 3 on Linux, Firefox 3 on Windows, and IE7, from multiple user accounts.

I do notice that I get a bunch of these on the JavaScript error console when autocomplete runs:

Warning: The 'charCode' property of a keyup event should not be used. The value is meaningless.

...but I get these for all autocompletes, even ones that work. And, it's a warning, not an error, so maybe not an issue.

Two things have changed recently. On Sunday evening I upgraded from 5.0.16 to 6.0.2. Although I did not personally schedule any appointments Sunday evening or Monday, I should note that no users complained about this during that time.

Then, this morning I updated the SSL certificate on our 6.0.2 server to a commercial one using zmcertmgr. The certificate and the CA chain both validated successfully, it was installed successfully, and after restart browsers are seeing the new certificate successfully. The above buggy behavior is occurring regardless of whether I use http or https to access the web client. However, I wanted to mention it as it was the last thing which changed before users started seeing this bug.

Any thoughts? Where would I start to look in logs to hunt down the error?