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Thread: Incomplete Admin Guide ?

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    Question Incomplete Admin Guide ?


    I have crossed the first step of setting up Zimbra on my mail server with a few Test Accounts. I must congratulate the Zimbra developers for putting together a fine suite. But, I find the Administrator's Guide available on the Zimbra homepage inadequate. What worries me next are these scenarios :

    - How do I take backups of mails and other configuration settings ?
    - How do I upgrade individual components of Zimbra ?
    (The log file of clamav states that "Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!")
    - If I have a disk crash and I had taken a copy of the folder /opt/zimbra how do I update the config files and other data files in a fresh installation ?

    Any pointers are appreciated.



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    - Cold backups (ie servers stopped) can be backed-up via /opt/zimbra

    - We currently don't support component upgrades. The installer will take care of this for you. We know there are folks out there that want finer control of this and for you we'll be releasing a Zimbra *lite* which will allow you to build with you custom version of the dependencies.

    - If you have a LDAP dump you can reload LDAP, this includes all the config items.

    The Network version supports hot backups (servers running) and will allow you to restore single mailboxes if needed. It also will be certified with Red Hat cluster suite for true clustering of the services.

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