Hi everyone,

I've been running Zimbra for about 2 years now and barely had any problems I couldn't solve thanks to the extensive wiki and the forum's search engine.

However today I encountered this problem, while trying to change the domain and adding an alias (without saving inbetween the 2 steps).
Consequently the edited account has disappeared from the admin interface..
It's a known bug for 5.0.12 and has been fixed, but before fixing the installation with an upgrade, I desperately need to recover the mails (including folder structure) if somehow possible.

The DBs (/opt/zimbra/db/data/mboxgroup11) and mails (/opt/zimbra/store/0/11/) still exist.
I'm also able to restore the bare mails using zmlmtpinject (see here for more info), but I haven't figured out a way to recover the account itself (or at least the folder structure).

I'd be happy about any idea or advice/help how to regain the mailbox!