Hello again,

(got me multi-server setup done! yay!)

Anyway, I'm trying to import a PST file from a user on WindowsXP and Outlook 2007 SP1 (Probably, might be SP2).

I downloaded the Import Wizard from The Downloads section of the Administration Console (I'm running the newest version of Zimbra).

I'm getting the following errors: (I have tried re-downloading the import wizard, thinking it was a bad download):

pastebin - collaborative debugging tool

Error portion:

11-11-2009 20:29:46 [5084]: Zimbra::MAPI::MailboxScanner::Scan. calling NamedProps::Init() using the root store folder

11-11-2009 20:29:46 [5084]: Zimbra::Mapi::NamedProps::Init. NamedProps::Init() succeeded!

11-11-2009 20:29:46 [5084]: Starting mid scan

11-11-2009 20:29:46 [5084]: Clearing internal progress log entries

11-11-2009 20:29:46 [5084]: Entries cleared

11-11-2009 20:29:46 [5084]: Deleting mapi folder list

11-11-2009 20:29:46 [5084]: COM Exception: 80040600 at .\mapi\MapiObjects.cpp(817)

11-11-2009 20:29:46 [5084]: Too many items failed, exiting
Any help appreciated,