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Thread: [SOLVED] SMTP smart host configuration / DNS

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    Default [SOLVED] SMTP smart host configuration / DNS

    Hi all,

    I'm running Zimbra 6.0.2 on Ubuntu 8.04 Server behind a firewall. The MX records are set correctly on a local DNS server, so that everything works fine for the primary domain Since I'm using this server as mail collector from two external accounts, I set up the Zimbra-internal fetchmail successfully. SMTP delivery is managed via smart host with SMTP auth. Everything works like a smooth - except the following:

    I'm collecting mail from external account - therefore I included the domain "domainb" in the domain section and set up the external account in the personal login. So I can send Mail from Zimbra via the SMTP smart host using the address in the from field. Generally, this works as well, but when I try to send a mail from to, the MTA tries to deliver locally, and does not formward to the smart host, according to the logs.

    Can anybody give me a hint on how to avoid this and make Zimbra deliver all mail for this secondary domains via smart host? Thanks in advance!

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    To do this you need to set-up a Persona in your preferences tab, you may also need to set the 'Allow sending fram any address' in the Admin UI.


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    Default Solved

    Thanks for the fast reply - the option to allow sending form any address solved my issue.

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