What are the exact steps to take to restore Zimbra Network Edition to a completely different box. We are trying to come up with a disaster recovery plan should the orginal Zimbra server completely fry. We are running on OS X 10.4.6.

1. Install OS
2. Install Zimbra

This is where it gets fuzzy. Do we run /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmsetup.pl at this point and put all the info in like it was the old server?

I have and when I do a restore using zmrestore -s server.domain.com -a all -br, the address book is not complete, the COS is wrong and the Zimbra Admin Interface complains no such server.

Should we use zmrestoreldap and zmrestoreoffline?

The Zimbra Admin Guide seems a little fuzzy about restores.

I need the EXACT steps to carryout to resotre to a completely different box.