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Thread: same domain SMTP authentication

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    > "reject_authenticated_sender_login_mismatch" and setting the "smtpd_sender_login_maps"

    These hold only for sending not receiving.

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    it seems you are facing backscatter issue ..use RBLs with your server

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    Default same domain SMTP authentication

    I have the same problem as g_kos, and I think that the problem is so far from NDR or Backscatter.

    It is not about Spamming at all. The problem is that somebody inside or outside the organization should not be able to send emails to other people inside the organization with fake internal identity. E.g. suppose i'm, and I'm trying to send my manager, an email pretending to be from The mail server of should not allow me to do so, by authenticating me, when I am trying to give it an email with the source domain which it has access to its users authentication database (like an internal LDAP).

    Obviously, it will be still possible to send fake emails from addresses (which could lead to NDR and Backscatter), and this is not the problem. We need just to be sure that the emails FROM have been approved by our mail server. We don't care about Spammers who are pretending to be or something like that

    Is it possible in Zimbra and Postfix to do such a authentication before accepting incoming emails from their own known domain?

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