We have problem with Zimbra when recieving large messages (35MB+).
Global settnings / MTA / Max Message Size is set to 50000.
We are running Suse 10.0 32-bit on a machine with 1.5 GB ram, and Zimbra version 3.1.2_GA_445.suse10.

When running at the default setting we are able to recieve 30MB mails but not 35MB.
What happens is that Tomcat crashes with this output in zimbra.log.

--- snip
2006-06-22 09:51:43,002 FATAL [LmtpServer-2] [] system - Fatal error occurred while handling connection java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space.

After reading another post on this forum we changed the Java heap size to 50% of total memory and was then able to get the 35MB mail through.
Also a single 50MB message was accepted, but not recieving 5 simultaneous 50MB messages, that craches Tomcat.

We also tried recieving 10000 10KB messages and that was no problem.

From looking at the logs it seems OK as long as the mail is handled by Postfix, but when postfix/lmtp tries to send the mail to Zimbra it leads to the above problem.

Anyone have a clue why this happens? Running out of memory with a ~450MB heap size and a 35MB mail seems strange.