Hi, I would like to migrate my Exchange 5.5 accounts to Zimbra. I'm trying to use the ZCS Migration Wizard for Exchange, but after I select my NT4 domain account from the Object Picker and return to the Migration Wizard, I get error "Unable to Open Directory Object". Here are the my conditions:

Zimbra 3.1.1 is up and running under Fedora Core 4. I've been able to send and receive test emails using the admin account. I upgraded my client to Windows XP with Service Pack 2, and upgraded to Microsoft Outlook 2003 as required by the Migration Wizard.

I created a new Mail Profile called "Zimbra Migration" and added my email account with a Server Type of Microsoft Exchange Server. I told the Migration Wizard to use this Profile.

If this has to do with my network still being on a Windows NT 4 domain, then I'm in a Catch-22 because in the past, I was unable to install Exchange 5.5 on an Active Directory server.

Thanks for any suggestions!