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Thread: Display issues & user level login restriction by IP

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    Question Display issues & user level login restriction by IP

    Hi All,

    We are considering a large deployment of Zimbra Open Source version, which in initial testing has proved great. We would be very grateful for solutions/advice on the issues below:

    1) Email time:

    The emails’s arrival time is not displayed if the email is more tha 1 day old, instead only the date is shown. Many of our users recive 100+ emails per day. If a customer calls and refers to an email “sent yesterday at 3pm” then its going to be hard to find without a time reference.

    I find Email time is an essential reference when scrolling through the email list to maintain orientation. Is there a way to turn this on for all emails?

    2) Issues with email list when using “Reading Pane On The Right” view.

    - is there an option to make each email occupy only one line rather than two in the email list. There is more than enough space when the email content snippet is turned off (outlook 2007 right pane layout is good in this respect). This would save on user scrolling, and make maximum use of the the screen space (which is the aim of the right pane view)

    - the email’s size seems to be omited from columns of email list.

    3) issue with attachment symbol:

    In email list, attachment symbol always shows when email received from Outlook client which contains and html image tag with extermal source, e.g. a companies logo image, while there's actually no real attachment for that email. Is this a bug?

    4) User login restriction by IP address:

    - is it possible to define a list of permissible IP addresses for login. I know this can be done by apache directives but I was hoping this could be defined at group level or user level.

    I'm new here so please remind me if I should put any of these questions in a single thread or go to bug report.

    Many thanks for your help!


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    Anything for number 4?

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    I know theres existing bug/rfes for some of these . You should vote for them.

    Bug 54055 – Request: Show time of old e-mails in inbox when possible
    Bug 37770 – inline images show paper clip but nothing in attachment list

    i can't believe theres not one for the IP restricting since it's asked about so often but i can't find it if there is.

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    Thanks. Just voted.

    The bug for IP-based restriction is this one:

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    How did you post bug references like that?

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