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Thread: Limit web client login to lan

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    Default Limit web client login to lan


    Been searching around and not really found a whole lot on what I want to do.

    I need to create a few email accounts with simple generic passwords that will be shared among a few users.
    These users will only be using the web interface.
    I want to limit these accounts so that they may only log in from the LAN and not from the internet.
    I do not want to limit all accounts, just a few.

    I was thinking of having a separate mailbox server just for these accounts.
    I imagine I would just have to not give it an external IP.

    Would my solution work? Anyone have any simpler or better solutions?

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    Why not create it with a password following the standard password rules so that it's not easy to figure out, but share the account with the people who need to access it? Either share the inbox out to the other accounts, or set it up as a child account to the other accounts. I'm not sure if you can have one account be a child to several other accounts, I've never tried it.

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    The extra mailbox server is the only thing that I can think of off-hand. Are you using the Zimbra proxy? If so, there's some extra properties you'll want to make sure are set on this second mailbox server.

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