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    Default performance on test box

    Hello everyone, I set this up with FC3 with no issues, the install was painless. I've setup a couple of users just to demonstrate this to my clients who want an Exchange alternative. I'm running my demo box on an old Intel p2-400 with 256 megs of ram. With no clients connected, its running about 1.7 to 1.8 load average and I see two java processes that go from 25 to 75% on cpu all the time.

    I know this is a weak box, but with it sitting there idle, how come java is eating up so much cpu? I know this is beta, but thought I would ask to see if I had something borked up. I did a minimal install of FC3 and then added the 3 packages that are required, libidn, curl and fetchmail, then did an install.

    I'm attaching a file called temp.txt, its a complete list of all processes running, using ps auxw

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