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Thread: Split Email-Calendar Services for one account

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    Default Split Email-Calendar Services for one account

    I've spent the last couple of days installing Zimbra on my internal server with the hope that I could use that for all my non-email Zimbra facilities (calendar, address book, etc) and then continue to use my normal email server for actually sending/receiving email.

    Essentially, I suppose I want to have a single Zimbra account within the Desktop application, but configure that to access the individual services from different servers. Send & receive email from '', but access calendar and address book from 'internalServer'. Is this in any way possible?

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    Basically the answer is no you can't do that, however there is one way that I can think of that you might be able to get away with it.

    You could use the Calendar and address book on Zimbra, and for the mail setup your other server as an external account, setup a persona so that when you are replying to anything in there it will appear to come from that address.

    Although since you say you want to use Zimbra Desktop, do be warned that until 2.0 of that product you are missing a lot of features of Zimbra.

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