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Thread: Moving from 6.0.2 NE to 6.0.2 FOSS

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    Default Moving from 6.0.2 NE to 6.0.2 FOSS

    Due to me not being able to convince management that we should purchase 1 year subscription.. due some issues they are having with outlook (they refuse to use zimbra client for it lacks a journal feature)...

    So i wanted to know what the steps i should take in moving from NE to FOSS ?

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    You should backup your NE version with the NE backup feature, when that's done shutdown Zimbra and perform a backup of the /opt/zimbra directory. While you're doing the backup download the OSS version (obviously the same one as the NE you have installed) then run an in-place 'upgrade' to the OSS version. As always, full backups are paramount in this type of operation. When you've done the 'upgrade' take another backup (you'll obviously need to shutdown Zimbra) just until you confirm everything is OK.


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