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Thread: [SOLVED] Problem with External GAL datasource

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    Default [SOLVED] Problem with External GAL datasource

    I have configured with CLI GAL for working only ldap external, i made this steps:

    Create galsync account and external datasource GAL:
    ./zmgsautil createAccount -a -n ExternalGAL --domain -t ldap -f _ExternalGAL

    Configuring GAL datasource external
    .- ./zmprov mds ExternalGAL zimbraGalSyncLdapFilter '(uid=%u)' zimbraGalSyncLdapSearchBase dc=sos,dc=dst,dc=usb,dc=ve zimbraGalSyncLdapURL ldap://

    ./zmgsautil forceSync -a -n ExternalGAL (GAL externo: ldap)

    GAL mode external:
    zmprov md zimbraGALMode ldap

    Until here all commands success, but when user want to list GAL, this is empty

    Someone have been the same problem?

    I don't know what would be.

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    How was this solved?

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