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Thread: Authenticate using alias outside server

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    Default Authenticate using alias outside server


    I have a group of users that are not part of the domains in charge of Zimbra that need to access shared resources with edit rights. They work for a sister company, and need access.

    To make login painless for them, I'd like, if possible, to allow them to login using their e-mail address and password. I can authenticate them against their own Active Directory, so authentication is not the problem I have.

    The problem is : how to make them login with without having a Zimbra domain. I can't declare it as a Zimbra domain, because then Zimbra will consider the mails as local and try to leave them on the local server instead of routing it to the sister company's mail server.

    I could make them log with some ID other than their e-mail address, so it's a little problem, but if there is an easy solution, I'd gladly take it!


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    I'll add that I tried with a virtual host, so I can have them log to the correct domain with just their login, but specifying the complete address override the virtualhost settings, so user can log fine, by being mapped to the internal domain, but doesn't because Zimbra tries to authenticate against a that can't be created in my setup.

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    Hmm the only way that I can think of getting this to work the way you want would be to implement something like Split Domain - Zimbra :: Wiki but just make it so that the accounts you are setting up locally for that domain ALL have their zimbraMailTransport setup to the companies real server. This way the domain and accounts could exist locally on the Zimbra server, but the mail messages would still be sent to the companies real email server.

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