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Thread: restore one account from previous version backup

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    Default restore one account from previous version backup

    One question that is not clear in my head : Is it always possible (or not) to restore a user account from a backup from Zimbra NE after an upgrade of version (for ex backup of an account from 5.09 to be restored in 5.020 zimbra).

    If it's not possible, how can you achieve it when a user ask for it few days after your upgrade ?

    Same question after a v5 -> V6 upgrade

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    restore across minor versions should always work i.e. your 5.0.9/5.0.20 example

    restore across major versions is not supported right now, you can vote for bug

    Bug 15750 – support for restore across major versions

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    Its recommended in Upgrade guide to have Full backup after you do an upgrade.

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    Hello Philippe,

    Quote Originally Posted by NOZIL View Post
    If it's not possible, how can you achieve it when a user ask for it few days after your upgrade ?
    Setup a new VM isolated in a VLAN (in order to avoid any kind of communication between this VM and the real ZCS server).
    Set it up with same name than your ZCS server, a local DNS (to trick ZCS) and of course ZCS (in the version you want to restore from).
    Connect the backup SAN partition to this VM.
    Export (CLI or IMAP or whatever) what you need (this means another VM or computer in the same VLAN) and import it on your production server.

    I don't think you can restore 5.0.9 on 5.0.20. Maybe recent version but not from such an old one.

    Same method applies after upgrade to 6.0.x.

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