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Thread: [SOLVED] Disabled antispam-now have 11.000 spam messages!!

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    roberto.cocchi Guest

    Default [SOLVED] Disabled antispam-now have 11.000 spam messages!!

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately I forgot last friday to re-enable antispam/antivirus after disabling it for a quick test, so this morning found 11.000 spam messages in the folder!

    Is there a way to re-run antivirus/antispam on a user mail folder?


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    Gee, that's a pretty tough way to learn. Hope I never make the same mistake.

    Don't know any way I can help you though. Only thing I can think of is moving them to another folder and finding some way to use zmmailbox to forward them to yourself, that's assuming it's only your account that is affected, and that the anti-spam will check messages forwarded to yourself though.

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    roberto.cocchi Guest


    Hi John

    thx for your sympathy! At the end I just sorted by sender, went through all of them and junked the all. Took quite a lot

    And yep, will not do it again (at least for 1 week!).

    ps. Should I mark this topic solved?

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    Only easy way to do it is just what you already did... that or forwarding the messages as an attachment on an email to the spam account for your domain.

    I'll go ahead and marked it solved for you.

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