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Thread: Cant Display Long Messages

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    Default Cant Display Long Messages

    I'm having this issue after last update. I'm running a 6.02 version community edition.
    The thing is, when i have a long conversation, by replying the message or a very long text, the body message is not displayed in the web client, but if I use some other client like Thunderbird I have no trouble on displaying the message.

    I don't know what steps to take, can some one help?


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    when has a long message, zimbra'll ask you to open a new window to see that message. to see message completely you can press :view entire message

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    Default Still not working

    Even when I open in a new window the new windows that supose to display de message it got stuked and dindt do its job.

    I dont know what to change, but I think that there are some config to allow long messages to be displayed in the web client.

    Any help apreciated.


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