I am getting this administrative email daily:

Dec 2 03:55:35 <server name> zimbramon[9714]: 9714:err: Service status change: <server name> stats changed from running to stopped

When I run the following command:

zmstatctl status
Running: zmstat-io-x
Running: zmstat-fd
Running: zmstat-df
Running: zmstat-io
Running: zmstat-vm
Running: zmstat-cpu
Running: zmstat-allprocs
Running: zmstat-mtaqueue
Running: zmstat-proc
process 10311 in /opt/zimbra/zmstat/pid/zmstat-convertd.pid not running

I can then restart zmstatctl and all is good until the next morning. I have just upgraded to 6.0.3 but the issue was there in 6.0.2 also. I know this has been discussed before but has anything come of it?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.