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Thread: Thunderbird & LDAP

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    Default Thunderbird & LDAP

    have tried to setup Thunderbird (, windows xp) to access our Zimbra (6.0.3) server.I tried setting up the Contact sync and that does nothing.

    If it is what are the setup parameters?

    Address Book
    Directory Server Properties

    General Tab
    Name: Zimbra
    Base DN: []
    Base DN: my base dn
    Port Number: 389
    Bind DN: []

    Advance Tab
    Don't Return more than 500 results
    Scope: Subtree
    Search filer: (mail=*)

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    Do you want Contact Sync - or just GAL lookup ? They are two different things.

    For GAL lookup


    Base DN: people,dc=YourCompany,dc=com (if your domail is - add more dc elements if you need them)

    Port Number: 389

    Bind DN:

    I'm sure there must be a way to allow everyone to search the LDAP directory - but I cannot get any user to work other than the LDAP admin - whose password is set at installation time.


    Then when composing an email, in the search panel to the left, select the Zimbra Address book, and start to type a person's name. It will prompt for the LDAP admin password. It should return matching records.


    If, however, you want to do a complete sync - and have a local copy of all your own address books and Zimbra's GAL then

    Under Thunderbird go to Tools-> Add-ons - click [Get Extensions] on the bottom right.

    and search for Zindus

    When configuring select
    [*] Zimbra

    Server Url: http://

    Email Address: Your Zimbra Email Address

    Password: Your Zimbra Password

    And Press Test Connection to verify.

    Select Yes to sync the GAL at the bottom.

    Then in the overall Thunderbird Options, select AutoComplete from Local Address Books

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