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Thread: Allowing mails to send to some domains.

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    Default Allowing mails to send to some domains.

    Hi All..

    I'm using zimbra 5.0.14 on debian etch. We have implemented outgoing mail restriction to the mail server. Access Below link :- Postfix Per-Client/User/etc. Access Control

    Now my client need the restricted users to send emails to few domains, As they dont have any access other than local domain. So how to add another domain name so that user can send emails to another domain. Please anybody can help me with this?

    Example :-

    User from will not have access to send emails to due to restriction. But he has to send emails to How do i give permission to send emails to that domains.


    Warm Regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caterpillar View Post
    While you're waiting you could search the wiki or forums for the word 'restrict'.


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