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Thread: Provisioning postfix users zimbra+Samba

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    Default Provisioning postfix users zimbra+Samba

    I've successfully installed smb+zimbra following the great howto on this site (zimbra 6) but have some questions about what comes next!

    Specifically, I've been able to create a couple posix groups and add a couple users, but there are some GAPS in my understanding about how this SHOULD work..
    Terms: create user (from the zimbra admin screen)
    provision user (I'm referring to the zmprov ma user@mydomain.... per the how-to in order to provision existing users to have a posix+samba objectClass added to their accounts)

    When creating a new user (or provisioning a user who existed before posix and samba schema was installed) I must specify a group id -- If you enter a new group ID number at this point, it adds that as the user's group in LDAP, but the group is not created/does not exist.
    The how-to does not address this at all or tell you what the next steps are/should be - for ldap newbs like me this is a learning curve - and a few well written words would be VERY HELPFUL!

    For example - It seems like I need to create the groups I plan on using FIRST, then add/provision the users into one of these groups.

    The next thing (actually the howto alludes to this but doesn't say it outright) but it appears that once you create/provision a user, you must then create their home directory on your samba server and manually chown to that user's ID number, not name.

    I'm sure there are other necessary steps that I've not discovered yet, but this is both a question and a request for information...

    thanks in advance!

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    More info I have found - (thanks Google!) -- the howto does show you how to auto-create home directories - but it didn't work on CentOS 5.3

    On Centos 5.3 with samba, edit smb.conf and change "obey pam restrictions" to YES, and add "session required skel=/etc/skel umask =0077" to /etc/pam.d/system-auth

    Yippee, mine now creates the user's home dir on first login...

    PS. Someone said they had to "chkconfig on oddjobd" and insert "session required skel=/etc/skel umask=0077" into /etc/pam.d/system-auth (instead of the above line: - this allows unpriviledged process to create the home dir...

    Another thing I found - Your users MUST have a VALID group as their default group or you can't login... check with getent passwd from the samba machine

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