I am in the process of getting SOAP requests to work with a zimbra installation for automated account provisioning. At first, by looking at the soap.txt file, I was under the impression that these requests should be sent to http://servername/service/soap . When this didn't work, I soon found several posts on this forum saying to use https://servername:7071/service/admin/soap for the admin functions. Elsewhere I saw statements saying for non admin functions to use http://servername:7070/service/soap .

Needless to say, I am a bit confused as to where to begin. All of these produce various error messages, the original http://servername/service/soap producing "unknown document" errors while https://servername:7071/service/admin/soap currently producing curl_exec errors.

Basically, I am asking the good people here::

1) is http://servername/service/soap used for anything? how about http://servername:7070/service/soap?

2) if not, is https://servername:7071/service/admin/soap the correct url for ALL SOAP requests, admin or otherwise? and if so, how is it I can't find this information in either soap.txt nor soap-admin.txt?

3) finally, is there anywhere to configure this?

a massive thanks to anyone able to end my confusion! -Felix