I've been trying out the Zimbra Open Source Edition for the past two months or so and despite a few learning curves, I absolutely love it. One of the few remaining issues I have before I deploy it involves the 'View Mail' button in the admin gui console. I needed to run an apache instance on the same server (on port 80), so I disabled Zimbra from listening on port 80 via the 'zmtlsctl https' command (as indicated by ZimbraApache - Zimbra :: Wiki). Now, whenever I try to view a user's email with the 'View Mail' button, I'm redirected to something like:
Where I actually need to be directed to something like this:
Right now, I can hit the 'View Mail' button and manually change the URL to a https one (and it works just fine), but it would be nice for it to automagically work. If I could, I'd also like to do this without some kind of Apache redirect (but I will if I have to). This seems like it would be a common problem, so my apologies in advance if this topic has already been covered in another thread.