We are testing to see if Zimbra could be usefull for our organisation. For that I would like Zimbra to also serve as the central authentication server.

I followed the wiki page for configuring a Zimbra server as a central authentication server. I only needed the ldap auth part so I skipped the Samba portions. And it works like a charm.

But here comes the next thing I would like to accomplish. Our environment is a Multi domain Multi admin one. So we delegate administration for most domains to regional admins. They will create users for their own part of our organisation.

As I understand it, the Zimbra wiki page I followed is for the main domain, so how do I configure Zimbra so posix groups are domain specific and delegated admins see only those groups? And would it be possible to have a user group for domain 1 and another user group for domain 2 with separate users in them?

Should I just repeat the steps for every domain? Has any one already done this? And could you help me? I would love it if we could use Zimbra as a central user management interface for all the admins, delegated or not.

If I need to clarify something, just let me know.

Or point me to a howto page.