Centos 5.4
Zimbra 6.0.3


This is my first post here at zimbra forum and i hope you can help me.

This is my problem, say this is my default domain, inmx1.test.com i added a new domain on my zimbra say inmx1.sample.com

under inmx1.test.com, users under that domain have no problem in using IM and calendar.

But when im using inmx1.sample.com, users were able to use IM but cant add users. When adding users, there should be a notification sent to the user that will be added. but no notification were sent. same thing with calendar sharing, when you add someone for them to view your shared calendar, no email where sent to the person you want to for them to view.

As i have said, under inmx1.test.com which is my default domain i use when i installed, no problem at all. The problem is with my second domain.