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Thread: [SOLVED] UCC ssl Cert compaibility

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    Default [SOLVED] UCC ssl Cert compaibility

    I am runing zimbra 5.0.11 and my ssl cert expired

    I have a primary domain with a subdomain. I was wondering if it is possible to install a UCC cert fromt from the Gui Admin Tools. I belive the the previous one was also a ucc cert. I am not the person that previous setup this server so i am a little lost. I have tryed to install the new certs that i was sent but it seams to defalt to a expired self signed one from Plesk

    Any help or advice would be great thanks


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    Zimbra 5.0.11 can accept UCC Certifficates. I Not sure how or why it worked this time but i managed to get it to accepts them. I just thought people would like to know that Comodo UCC certs will work with zimbra

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