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Thread: [SOLVED] Update Check not working

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    Default [SOLVED] Update Check not working

    Not sure if anyone else had this issue, but I noticed my update check was not actually checking (last check was at install time!) so I did a little investigating.

    [zimbra@zimbra root]$ /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmcheckversion
    /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmcheckversion: line 9: /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmjavaext: No such file or directory
    /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmcheckversion: line 9: exec: /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmjavaext: cannot execute: No such file or directory
    It seems that it is either looking for them in the wrong place (they are in /opt/zimbra/bin/), or missing some symlinks. To fix it, I just created 2 symlinks.

    ln -s /opt/zimbra/bin/zmjavaext /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmjavaext
    ln -s /opt/zimbra/bin/zmshutil /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmshutil
    I hope this saves someone else some headaches.
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    Thanks for posting that, could you file an report in bugzilla for this problem (please post the bug number here)?


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