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Thread: zimbra postifix and virtualmin

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    Default zimbra postifix and virtualmin

    hi everyone!
    i'd like to ask about this...
    i have already an ubuntu server running zimbra,and also another as a web server.
    (two separate virtual machines)

    on my web server i installed virtualmin (and webmin of cource...).
    During the virtualmin installation i choosed to install also Postfix as mail server. is the question! is there a way to integrade my zimbra with virtualmin?

    let me give you an example..
    i set up a new domain like and i give some access to a web panel to this user,
    to control his own domain.we need him to be able to setup his email addresses,and access the emails by using for example horde,or zimbra,or anything...
    (i hope this is clear enough....)

    so boys,is there any chance to get this done? (excuse any silly questions....i'm still learning!)

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    There is no builtin setup for this. Only way would be to code it yourself or hire a programmer. Probably could use the PHP API and SOAP for backend and create your own web frontend for user management.

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