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Thread: Emails not received

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    Default Emails not received

    Dear administrators,

    we recently moved to Zimbra but we are experiencing some random problems with people that is not receiving all emails in their inboxes.

    We've run some tests and reviews even recreating the accounts but the problem persists.

    One of our latest test revealed a weird notification of succesful delivery. While all accounts delivery message is as follows:

    The mail system
    <>: delivery via[]:7025: 250 2.1.5 OK

    the user that has this problem of not receiving some of the emails gets the following delivery message is:

    The mail system
    <>: alias expanded

    Does this difference has relation with the problem of not receiving emails? Is there any bug that we might not be aware of? Is there something related with postfix?

    Any help will be much appreciated!



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    Hello there!

    Anybody can help? Any idea, suggestion, whatever?

    Thanks a lot!!!!

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