Just upgraded from 5.0.19 to 6.0.4. One surprise that didn't get noticed while testing.

POPped mail got moved from the specified folderId according to a filter rule. Is this intentional?

I thought that POP polling was broken, because I got nothing in my POP account folder, then I stumbled across the POPped mail in my "not To or Cc me" folder.
zimbraDataSourceHost: pop.gmail.com
zimbraDataSourceLeaveOnServer: TRUE
zimbraDataSourcePort: 995
zimbraDataSourceUsername: **
zimbraDataSourceConnectionType: ssl
zimbraDataSourceName: **@gmail.com
zimbraDataSourceEmailAddress: **@gmail.com
zimbraPrefFromAddress: **@gmail.com
zimbraPrefFromDisplay: Rich Graves
zimbraDataSourceFolderId: 137523
folderId 137523 does still exist. Rather confusing to be in that folder, to click on "Get External Mail," and have it show up in a different folder.