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Thread: Print Document without Titles

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    Default Print Document without Titles

    Zimbra seems pretty good, but there are some things that are just frustrating and annoying. One thing is the fact I cannot find anyway to prevent the notebook documents from printing the Title. In the attached image you can see the top section that has the wording Notebook, Letterhead and By. These are not required for this document and it would be preferable that it does not print. Is it possible to tell Zimbra not to include or print this information?
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    Default Print Documents without Titles

    Well, as always, I have not had any reply to my post. I have now found that there is a directory in the Wiki call ed Templates and it has a number of documents, one of which is called _TitleBar. This document details what is displayed in the title area, which I can now modify if I want to.

    While I am using the Community Edition, maybe that is why I cannot find the documents I am looking for, but there seems to be a real lack of documentation for Zimbra. Looking at the HTML for the template documents I see there are things called wiklets and zmwiki entries, but I cannot Google any references to these except on an old site called DogFood (or some such thing).

    Is there a more comprehensive set of documentation trhat details what all these controls are and how to use them?

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