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Thread: spell spanish Bug

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    Default spell spanish Bug

    Hi All

    Hi guys, I have installing zimbra 6.0.2 now on a red hat 5.5 64 bits, everithing installs smooth but when i check my spell check i got a weird character I check my operating system to see the character set and works ok i can type and accents but my spell check is still broken, is this might be a bug?

    I found the followin bug: Bug 41394 – spanish spellcheck uses 8859-1 instead of UTF-8 when suggesting words

    I did:

    My aspell.php:

    // Convert to ISO-8859-1

    // Next line commented by me
    // $text = iconv("UTF-8", "iso-8859-1//IGNORE", $text);

    // Check spelling
    if (!pspell_check($dictionary, $word)) {
    $suggestions = implode(",", pspell_suggest($dictionary, $word));

    // Added /IGNORE
    $misspelled .= "$word:$suggestions\n";

    But the error es the same, I need suggestionn


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    Quote Originally Posted by viaris View Post
    But the error es the same, I need suggestion
    Surely the answer would be to upgrade to 6.0.4 where this bug has been fixed.


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