I put in a ticket with tech support almost a month ago and have gotten next to no response, so I am bringing this to the forums to see if anyone has any suggestions.

After the upgrade from 6.0.2 to 6.0.3 I had a user call and tell me that she had events on her calendar that she did not put there. One of them was an anniversary and one was a birthday, both with names that I recognized relating to another user. The two users had never had shared items in Zimbra, had never had any interaction at all, and in fact, did not even know each other. The events had jumped from one calendar to the other and there were no traces of the events on the original calendar or even in the MySQL database. I could have understood if the users were part of the same mboxgroup and the events were stored in the same table, but that wasn't even the case. The only other speculation is that maybe something got messed up as things got moved from primary storage to the HSM. Either way, this is a very bad thing to have happen.

Odder still, the one "jumped" event only shows up in ZWC and not in Outlook via the ZCO, and the other "jumped" event only shows up in Outlook, but not in ZWC.

So the three issues that we have are:
1) A user's events have jumped to another user's calendar with no logical explanation.
2) The ZCO is not properly syncing two particular events (which have mysteriously appeared from another user) while everything else is syncing fine between Outlook and ZWC.
3) The unresponsiveness of Zimbra support on an issue that could be very serious.

I've tried to eliminate all possibility of user error and cannot think of any way that the users could have gotten their accounts tangled up. This tells me that it has to be an issue on the server end and since it was noticed just a day or two after the upgrade, that is where I am guessing the event jumping happened. I am anxious to move to 6.0.4, but am afraid of 1) this happening during another upgrade and 2) possibly messing up any evidence that could lead to solving this problem. If anyone has any suggestions for things to check out, it would be most appreciated.