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Thread: Installed logger service, start says "not enabled"

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    Default Installed logger service, start says "not enabled"

    I installed zimbra on two similar servers using essentially the same install procedure. On one the logger service does not start. "ZMcontrol Start" doesn't show that it even attempts to start it. "ZMLoggerctl Start" returns:

    "Starting logswatch...zimbra logger service not enabled! failed."

    I don't recall consciously disabling the logger service, is this something I could've done in the admin panel? How do I troubleshoot this?

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    I came across this:

    Zmprov Examples - Zimbra :: Wiki

    To enable logger on a single server:

    zmprov +zimbraServiceEnabled logger

    This just pulls up the zmprov command help, it doesn't enable the logger.

    zmprov ms [FQDN] +zimbraServiceEnabled logger

    Followed by

    zmloggerctl start

    Did appear to start the logger service. I will wait 48 hours and see if any data appears in the admin panel.

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    How does one enable the logger in a multi server environment?
    Release 7.1.4_GA_2555.RHEL5_64_20120105094627 CentOS5_64 FOSS edition.

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