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Thread: Increasing Spam Scores

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    Default Increasing Spam Scores

    I would like to increase the spam scores for domains like .info or .biz. Is there a way to do that in Zimbra? I don't want to block them altogether, just raise their spam scores.

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    As Vavai said, you can add rules to the file. I have both Whitelist, and Blacklist rules in the file for various sites.

    one of our runls for example is;
    rawbody  LOCAL_ANGEL1           /\.angelfire\.com/i
    describe   LOCAL_ANGEL1           Watch sales
    score       LOCAL_ANGEL1           5.5
    The score and our local spam % will move this to junk for this rule, use a smaller or larger score based on how much you like, or don't like the matched content.

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