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Thread: [SOLVED] logger mismatch after change servername

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    Default [SOLVED] logger mismatch after change servername

    Hi all,

    I'm running ZCS6.0.1, because of few mistakes I run a zmsetservername command to change my servername from myhostname to
    with few complications I finally made that change, but I discover a problem in my server monitoring in my admin console. -- that I have two entries with one say data is stale, but actually I have only one server in zcs.

    I take few read and find this things:

    [zimbra@myhost /]$ zmloggerhostmap
    Zimbra Logger Service Hostname Map
    ---------------------    ---------------------
    DNS Hostname             Zimbra Hostname
    ---------------------    ---------------------
    myhost               myhost
    so basically I want to map the DNS to Zimbra

    I read the logger manual, not discover the command to do that.

    any hint?

    thanks in advance!

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