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Thread: Content-Disposition: inline not working in web client

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    Default Content-Disposition: inline not working in web client

    Hello everyone,

    I am using v5.0.16 OS on RHEL 5.3 and have a problem when users receive messages with inline images.

    I have read several bug reports about inline image handling, but they all seem to be addressed prior to 5.0.16 which makes me wonder what I have messed up.

    The messages in question generally come from a cell phone -- someone takes a picture and sends it to one of my users. There is no text in the email, just an image that is coded as being inline ... not as an attachment.

    When looking at the original, the mime info looks like this:

    Content-Type: image/jpeg
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
    Content-ID: <0102101405-00.jpg>
    Content-Location: 0102101405-00.jpg
    Content-Disposition: inline

    [image data here]


    That is all that's in the body of the message, nothing else.

    When this email is received in thunderbird, directly not passing through zimbra, it is displayed correctly. When looking at the email within the zimbra web client, nothing is displayed and there is no attachment reference in the message at all.

    If you look at the "show original" you see the data, but the web client doesnt show anything to the user.

    Has anyone else see this? Is there an existing bug for it that I havent found? Has it been fixed in a newer release?

    Any help or pointers anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks to you all in advance,

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    Anyone out there have a similar issue? Are there any known fixes?

    Thanks again,

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    I've got 5.0.22 and I got the same issue.
    I can have access to the attachement by trying to forward the email.


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