We've migrated successfully from Outlook to Zimbra 6.0.3 NE.

Most users are happy, and things are running smoothly. However, a few questions remain open. The most important beeing a request from the secretaries on how to view many calendars at once.

We have about 30 shared calendars, one for each employee. The secretaries need to see at-a-glance who's free at a given time. Say, someone calls in and they need to set up a meeting, and they need to know who's available tomorrow after 2PM.

The secretaries have access to see all calendars, but browsing through 30 of them is not a good option. And even though calendars can overlap in the calendar view, this works well for maybe 3-5 calendars at a time but not 30.

Any ideas on how to solve? Best would probably be something of a list view, with every user displayed on a new line, with time displayed horizontally.