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Thread: Thunderbird 3:maximum request size exceeded

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    ... obviously there are a couple of new config values in 6.0.4 which haven't been there before. I searched the Wiki, Release notes etc. for any hint regrading the changes made to IMAP- Handling to no avail.
    So I'm just wondering if and where such things are documented for further reference.

    Increasing imap_max_request_size to 1 MB solved the problem for me.

    It still leaves the question why this error occurs with TB3 only?

    Does anybody know what the (internal) value of imap_max_request_size has been before 6.0.4 (if any)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FritzBrause View Post
    ... It still leaves the question why this error occurs with TB3 only?
    In the TB3 release notes they mention behaviour changes to IMAP folder sync in order to allow it to load folders in the background under Performance Improvements.

    Performance Improvements

    * IMAP Folder Synchronization

    Thunderbird will download IMAP messages by default in the background to allow for faster message loading and better offline operation. This feature can be enabled on an individual folder basis via Folder properties, or for all folders in an account via Account Settings / 'Synchronize & Storage'.
    Perhaps as part of the changes they moved to a bulk copy mechanism rather then a one-at-a-time copy mechanism. This would explain the request size increasing.

    You could try disabling the feature for your folders to see if it gets rid of the issue.
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