Zimbra Version: 6.0.2_GA_1912.SuSEES10_20091020145320

Imported a users Outlook.pst file using import tool.

Able to create, move, etc. all Web Created folders to other folders within Web UI.

Able to move Imported folders amongst other imported folders.

Unable to move Imported folders to WebUI created Folders. WHen moving the folder using D&D, folder turns red and will not permit me to drop onto a WebUI created folder. Attempting to use right-click Move simple gives error stating it can't be moved here. (Sorry, don't remember exact phrase.)

Question: Is this some sort of a folder flag improperly set during import? How/What can I check for rights/permissions/flags?



Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, I searched through the Forums and could not find anything similar. If this is already resolved elsewhere, please simply direct me to that.