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    Default Account ID Numbers

    So I have an account called and that user has a bunch of briefcases. I then have a bunch of users that have mount points to the shared briefcases where they can all use folders for different departments. When I go in and do a gfg /Mount Point on the, I get a list of all the accounts that have access to the folder, except it is showing their ID instead of their account name. So it appears something like this:

    Permissions Type Display
    ----------- -------- -------
    rwidx account 05ce32db-d0ed-423c-8e5b-aeead185c2ce
    r account a7884977-5754-4553-816b-e0f104b9ffd1
    r account 1914bb49-e380-4527-878b-146929723391

    Is there any way for me to easily match the ID to an account?

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    hrm are you using any localization? I know there was a bug that made it so in the web interface you would see grants by zimbraid and not name, but im not sure if it happened in the cli too. anyway, you can find it pretty easily by doing this on your zimbra server (or ldap sever if you're multi-server install)

    ldapsearch -x -h `zmhostname` "(05ce32db-d0ed-423c-8e5b-aeead185c2ce)"

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    Not that I know of. It works fine in the web interface, I can see all acounts by their account name. It could be because I have written a script to add a user and specify permissions through a seperate web interface I wrote?

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